Something FUN & FREE online for your child?

Does your child like to DRAW?...

School Holiday Activity?

We've got you sorted! Check this out...

FREE Cartoon Workshops for Kids!

& BIG Kids too Ladies & Gents :)

Access these Online Workshops right now, TODAY

Watch the trailer below and get early access.


In a nutshell, these workshops will:

  • Improve your Drawing / Colouring SKILLS & Confidence
  • Give you TIPS & TRICKS that you put in to practice AND remember forever
  • Activate your Creativity and teach you how to come up with Creative & Original IDEAS in your Art

Meet your hosts . . .

Gav professional artist

Kai learning how to draw

& Zoe here for the FUN & the Free Biscuits!

Hey, it's time...

It's time to get the kids off the couches, off the devices and give them some

HANDS-ON Creative Inspiration 😀

- it's all ONLINE to enjoy in the comfort of your home -


Drawing Cartoons-

Simplified & made FUN

Explore the features that will keep your Child engaged & entertained for approx. 30-40mins per session


Your child draws in real time with Gav & Kai

EASY, step by step instruction = no matter your child's skill level, they will enjoy themselves

YES, kids can work at their own pace!


Get some cool tips on Drawing, Colouring-in & coming up with Ideas. This will help kids to be more creative

Participants are encouraged to try some different things within the projects....

Let's have Fun & activate our Creativity!


Trying NEW things, learning NEW things and having FUN with Art is a wonderful experience for your child . . .

Let us inspire your child to get drawing and appreciate the FUN & well-being benefits of Art

Who is this for?

Any child who likes to Draw OR wants to try something different!

Mid Primary Schoolers (from Grade 3) up to & incl. Yr 11

Big Kids too! Mum & Dad why not have some fun & draw along with your kids too 😀

But Mum, I can't draw well!

Each drawing project has 2 options, Beginner & Intermediate

If your child can trace and / or draw simple shapes, they will have FUN and be able to partcipate in all Drawing Projects

You can pause each video as you go so your child can draw at their own pace. Groovy Baby!

What are we going to do?

We will draw various cartoon subjects, taking our time with an EASY 'step-by-step' approach. We will then plonk in some colour, again in real time in an easy to follow approach.

We will Draw together, Colour together & Laugh together.

Gav will give you some groovy tips to help improve your drawing skills & there may be a special guest or two as well 😜

I'M IN! This will be FUN to do with the Kids - Let's do it...

Rave Review

From Our Crash Test Mummy

mmmma mama mmma mmmm"

( I think he said he liked it! )

— Funny Mummy, Local kid who likes Drawing

...& this just in from Anna

Thanks Anna :)

See you soon!

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